Crosstown Realtors has been selected as a partner in the Zillow Flex Program.

What is the Flex program?

Flex is a program from Zillow Premier Agent built with a singular vision – partnering with the best agents in the business to increase transactions. Flex does this by providing connections and leads at no upfront cost, and routing them to the agents best positioned to convert them to home sales. 

How does Flex work?

Flex gives agents connections and leads from Zillow Premier Agent at no upfront cost. Agents work with each client toward a closing, providing us with brief status updates along the way. 

Over time, agents who are strong converters will start to receive a larger share of the connections in their market.

Can any agent enroll in Zillow Flex Partners?

At this time, participation in Flex is by invitation only. Because Crosstown is a high-performing partner that provides exceptional customer service, and are willing to partner closely with us with the shared objective of improving customer experience and outcomes. Flex is the exclusive Premier Agent program.

Are connections being validated any differently in Flex than in Zillow Premier Agent?

In Flex, Zillow reaches out to the lead and confirm that they are ready to work with an agent. Once they confirm this, Zillow introduces Crosstown Agents live over the phone, creating a connection. These connections are validated in exactly the same way as the connections you can receive from Zillow Premier Agent.