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Crosstown Easy Offer Program Summary

  • Get a Crosstown Easy Offer within 24 hours!
  • Pay $0 in realtor commissions!
  • Bypass the hassle of showings and strangers critiquing your home.
  • No offer negotiations or buyer demands!
  • No home sale contingency on your next purchase!
  • No costly double mortgage, bridge loan, or interim housing.
  • Close on your terms and stay up to 30 days for a relaxed, convenient, and stress-free move!

Crosstown Easy Offer FAQ

What types of homes fit the Crosstown Easy Offer Program?

  • Single-family homes built post-1960, valued between $50,000 and $650,000
  • Not in or near flood zones
  • Within our service areas, without unpermitted additions or significant foundational issues
Q. How does the Crosstown Easy Offer process unfold?
Submit your home for an Easy Offer and our team will verify its eligibility. If your home qualifies, we'll extend a contingent offer pending an inspection.  Close in as few as 21 days upon offer acceptance, and enjoy a hassle-free sale!

Q. What kind of offer can I expect through the Crosstown Easy Offer Program?
Crosstown Easy Offer is an industry-leading competitive offer, designed to help clients sell quickly and achieve their real estate dreams.

Q. Can I still sell my home if it doesn't meet the program criteria?
Absolutely! If your home doesn't fit the Easy Offer program, we will still provide you with all the information necessary to implement on-market and off-market strategies, ensuring a smooth, stress-free, and enjoyable selling experience. Whether time, convenience, or profit potential is your priority, we've got your back.

Q. Can I sell a home that's currently listed?
Yes! If you want a fast sale without showings, we'll gladly collaborate with you and your agent to find the best solution tailored to your needs.

Q. Do I have to move immediately?
No. Enjoy the flexibility of selecting a move date up to 30 days from closing, based on your schedule.

Q. Is there a cost to request offers?
No. Requesting an offer from Crosstown is entirely free.

Q. Am I obligated to accept an offer?
No, you're not required to accept any offer you receive.
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